Vibrations and the experience of time

Just a day after posting our brief discussion of personal vibrations, Steve Beckow of The Golden Age of Gaia expressed a very similar message in relation to changing our world.  His words are very welcome.

You can read his post at

Also a channeled message from Blossom Goodchild has been published that also relates.

If we want to change the world it begins within our own selves.  Ex-press your love.  Be the Love you want to see.  So simple yet so very powerful!  🙂

Personal Vibrations

Everything in this universe vibrates.  Every place.  Every thing.  Every One. Has a vibration.  If you pay attention you can awaken a certain kind of sensing or sensitivity to the vibrations of things both physical and non-physical (like thoughts and emotions).

Each person also carries a unique “vibe”.  You can especially feel it when you embrace.

Vibrations also seem to attract and repulse.

Becoming sensitive to your own internal vibrations is critical to mastering what you attract or repel in your life.  We can learn to consciously control and raise our own internal vibrations through awareness.  In this practice we can heal ourselves, our lives, and thus the world.


Gratitude is the soil upon which prosperity and abundance grow.  It’s amazing how many things we can be grateful for in every given moment.  So there is always a lot of fertile soil upon which to grow abundance.

I am grateful for the technology and service that allows me to share my thoughts with you.

I am grateful for you being here.

I appreciate you.

On war and security

There is no “security” from building armies, weapons, and the machinery of war.

Lasting “security” comes from loving others as ourselves and building positive relationships.  In other words, lasting “security” comes from planting the seeds of peace and prosperity.  “You reap what you sow”.

How hard is that to understand?

Without money, we’d have more with less effort

Money isn’t what allows us to have “things”.  It acts as an impediment to obtaining what we need/want because it requires us to have the money as a prerequisite.

Money as controlled currently acts as a tool to enforce slavery on “the people”.

A large portion of our efforts and “man hours”, our labor, is wasted on tracking, billing, collecting, securing, and controlling money.  Without it, we’d have significantly more time freed up for producing goods and services.  This means we could work fewer hours and enjoy a better standard of living.

By putting money first we currently produce lower quality good and services, in a system without  a profit motive we would want products to last and last.  We would take more pride in the “workmanship”.

Without the need for “income”, we could focus our energy into doing “jobs” that gratify our desire to improve the world, instead of “finding jobs” with the focus being to “pay the bills”.

The truth about money is simply not being told by those who profit the most by it.

Can you imagine a world where everyone gives of themselves to serve their brothers and sisters?  A world where you can simply receive what you want and need without “paying”.  Wouldn’t that experience just make you want to go out and work to keep it going?  It is a sustainable positive spiral of abundance, without depressions, inflation, and inequality.

This is how advanced civilizations operate.  We could choose this too.

Love is (still) the answer

To heal the world we must heal ourselves.

We can’t expect “heaven on earth” if we go around feeling frustrated, angry, or dissatisfied with the world.  The new Utopia will expand and grow as we find, grow, and nurture peace and love within our own beings.

In order to establish this, we have to accept responsibility for our own states of being.  Stop re-acting and start creating.

This means forgiving ourselves and “others”; letting go and letting God.  Allowing the Now to Be without resisting it.