The Pain of Separation

Since in ultimate reality we are all One, all emotional pain derives from egoic separation.  Abandonment, loss of a loved one through circumstance or death of the body, or even by separating ourselves through anger or judgement.  The pain we feel can be a driving force for us to seek the eternal spirit within and thus the reunion we seek.

Grieve well and open your heart.  Love is still the answer.

Education for Life

How about this?  Learning to live.

Life success skills.  Problem solving, time management, creative visualization, integrity, honorable interactions, contracting and negotiating, memory and other mind skills.  Personal development.  Addictions.

Cooking, cleaning.  Home repair and maintenance.  Healthful environment management.

Cultivating food!  Healthy eating.

Child rearing.

Understanding God and your place and purpose in the Universe.

So many things we’re not taught as children in our society that are way more important than the current focus of so called education.