A short conversation with God

What is submission to God’s Will?

How do you know what God wants?

If God wants me to be successful and happy and to build my dreams I have to know what to dream.

How can I overcome my past?

By being more present.

What about my future?

Do what you can today.

What can I do today?

Whatever you want.

But what should I do?

Do something of value for others.  Give of yourself.  Do what you came here to do.  You will know it’s right by how you feel about it.  Do what you feel is the right thing to do, what feels good to your soul, your spirit, come from the source of Love in your heart.

If you could express the Love you have for your fellow “man” what would you give them?

I want you to express My Love through you.

That’s how to please God and achieve success in the process.

What talents and abilities do I have to offer?

What’s the best thing I can offer the world?

I keep getting stuck here.  I don’t feel adequate.  My skills aren’t up to my mission.

Then define your mission.

My Mission in Life Is…

What’s the greatest dream you ever had about yourself?


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