This is not a world. It is a dimension. It is a realm of limitless possibilities, filled with beings in possession of an ever expansive mind. Beings who despite all of this choose to limit themselves to a singular reality. They do this without the realization that things are not what they seem to be. Reality as they know it is changeable. A chair is not a chair, the floor is not the floor. Despite all they think they know up is in fact down and down is in fact up. But these are merely constructs of what they believe to be an evolved mind. These are nothing more than labels they have applied to restrain themselves to what they believe is. They need to know the truth. That they are the is. They are surrounded by the is. That they, through pure thought and divine will can influence the is.
The times that these beings are currently living in are in a word-interesting. So concentrated are they on trivial matters that they can not see that they are a collective. They are concerned with a hierarchy they term government, with differences between man and woman, and this concept of what they term race. There is violence everywhere they turn and they concentrate on all of this. What they fail to concentrate on is the goodness that is within them-at least they do not see this until it follows what they see as tragedy. Forgiveness is a foreign concept to many of them, and yet many of them still suggest just that as a form of healing. In their current timeline this is a place of contradictions the former being only one prime example.
Judgement is a theme among them. Those who believe differently than the masses are seen as strange or in many cases even ostracized from their own kind. Those who still lie asleep, safe and comfortable in the boxes they have built around themselves. They have become their possessions or more to the point their possessions have become them. For a select few their greed has sought ways to limit over half of them into selling time in exchange for basic survival needs. This is a failing system, although more and more are beginning to wake up and realize that only by assisting one another can they not only survive but thrive.
So much pain and loss has turned many of them numb to new and wonderful experiences, but even for these there remains hope. Even if that hope is an ever dimming light they remain determined to reach it, to rekindle it.
The beings here are reaching a junction at which they will need to make a decision. To wake up, or remain asleep and ignorant to the lives they could have. However, with the right prompting they could become awakened and arise to the potential within them all.
Prognosis of these beings is good overall. Just a slight word of advice. Look outwardly and choose your words and thoughts carefully as they will impact what is to be. In those times of repose, look inwardly and expand your mind and be open to the is. Apply every action, word, and deed with purpose. Let go of what was, enjoy every moment of what is, and look forward to what will be. Every contact made here has a reason, nothing is done without purpose and soon that purpose will be known.

–Elizabeth Robinson

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