Duality and Judgement

Each person has their positive and negative aspects.  Each personality aspect is like a coin of positive and the corresponding negatives.  In order to carry the positives we must also contain the negatives.  Personality really is like a wheel.

We can choose to honor and celebrate the positives in others (or ourselves) or judge and condemn the negatives.

Consciously or unconsciously what we focus on is a choice.  Thus in each moment we create harmony and abundance or disharmony and conflict.

Let us rise above conflict and disparity and celebrate the diversity and abundance with and for our brothers and sisters.  Light and darkness are ever-present yet we can choose to live in the light.

“Heaven on Earth” is about each “I” taking responsibility for our thoughts and choices.  It can’t be that something(s) have to change “out there”, the change is right now, right here, within myself/yourself/The Self.

The fastest and easiest way to accomplish this is Gratitude.

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