The Omnipresent Being – We Are All One

How is it that we are all One?  This has to do with the certainty of God.  See if God is Everything, and the Source of Everything, then we are projections of God’s Be-ing.  Hence we are all God.

The words we use to ascribe to the All-Being can create confusion and consequent “separation” or more like a mental self-centeredness.  So I com-template words to convey His/Her/It’s “name”, and come up with The Great Spirit, God, The Ever-present Wholeness, The Universal Field, The Source, The Universal Being, THE OMNIPRESENT BE-ING.

I’m trying to convey that God is Every-thing, and Ever-Present, All the Time.  Another way to look at it is that Every Thing Is Holy, Every Thing is Sacred.

By of which, In This we are made Whole.  In This we are One.  In This we are Forgiven – Unified.

Again this is why forgiving others is in reality forgiving Ourselves, and how all Paths are respected as being One with the Whole.  The Knowledge of Good and Evil is the Illusion that God is separated.

There is a Truth here, the seed to an awareness so great, that it Will expand Our Selves beyond what words can or were meant to ever describe.  And the Knowing is in letting go.

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